Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials

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Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials

Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Christine. I grew up in the outback, and for years, the only fences I saw were barbed wire ones. When I moved to the city to go to uni, I was actually surprised to see the multiple types of fences. As I studied architecture, I keep a close eye on fences, wall and barricades – a weird niche my fellow students, no doubt thought. Although I wasn't able to take that focus into my career, I wanted to do something with my lifelong love of fencing and all of the ideas I accumulated over the years. Because of that, I started this blog. It has everything you need to know about playing with the colours, styles and materials of fences.

Why Choose Metal Fencing Panels for Your Property?

Your home's fence is an investment that you should be happy with for years to come, but the material and style you choose will have a great impact on just how happy you are with a new fence. Rather than assuming that a standard hurricane fence or wood fence is the best option for your home, note a few reasons why you might instead opt for metal panels around your property. Read More 

On The Care & Maintenance of Cast and Wrought Iron

Iron is a gorgeous, traditional and incredibly versatile addition to any property. In any ordinary home you may find cast or wrought iron used in garden furniture, gates and fences, window boxes and other exterior fittings. This is also true for interior fittings such as balustrades and banisters, fireplaces as well as of course pokers and tongs and the like, bedsteads, coffee or occasional tables and other decorative furniture, as a frame for a picture or a mirror, to make a decorative light fitting, in functional items such as clothes horses and—of course—the best griddle pans, frying pans and other cookware you'll ever use. Read More 

3 Types of Fencing for Horse Farms

There are all sorts of fences available for horse farms and, as fencing is expensive and you'll be using a lot of it, it's worth giving some serious thought beforehand to what fencing will be most suitable for the majority of your horses, what will look the most attractive, and what will be durable and safe for your horses' needs. This is different for everyone, and each type of fence has its advantages and disadvantages. Read More 

Commercial Fencing: Should You Choose Aluminum or Wrought Iron?

Having a fence around your commercial property allows you to have security that helps to keep others out. It can also be used for privacy purposes. Two popular materials for commercial fencing are aluminum and wrought iron, both of which are a type of metal. Here are some things to consider when choosing between these two materials.  Aluminum is a Low-Maintenance Fence If you are looking for a fence that won't require a lot of maintenance, one made of aluminum is going to work great. Read More