Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials

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Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials

Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Christine. I grew up in the outback, and for years, the only fences I saw were barbed wire ones. When I moved to the city to go to uni, I was actually surprised to see the multiple types of fences. As I studied architecture, I keep a close eye on fences, wall and barricades – a weird niche my fellow students, no doubt thought. Although I wasn't able to take that focus into my career, I wanted to do something with my lifelong love of fencing and all of the ideas I accumulated over the years. Because of that, I started this blog. It has everything you need to know about playing with the colours, styles and materials of fences.

Choosing Between Ready-made Fencing and Custom Fencing

There are several factors to be considered before choosing a fence for your property. One of the most important one is whether you will get a ready-made fence or a custom designed one. How do you decide on the type of fencing that will give you value for your money and offer a lasting solution? Should you go for a quick out-of-the-box solution or take the time to have your fencing custom designed? The following are some of the important things to consider in order to make a suitable decision regarding your fencing needs.


Property fencing comes in various styles, types, materials, colors and designs. For many homeowners, finding the specific style that satisfies their tastes and style can be hard. For the type of fencing that will match the existing exterior of one's home, one that cannot be found anywhere else, a custom designed fence would be preferable. You are able to incorporate your own unique style, design and colors in creating a fencing that complements your property.

Ready-made fences also come in a large variety in terms of color, size, style and materials. For a homeowner who is not looking to have a unique style that will fit their home exterior, it is possible to get an aesthetically appealing ready-made fence. It is also possible to get a matching fit for the design you have in mind. Where time is also a factor in installation of fencing, you can go for a ready-made fence which does not require any design, remodeling or modifications that could be time consuming.


Many ready-made fencing solutions are usually imported from other countries. Homeowners who wish to have fencing solutions from specific manufacturers may be required to go for the ready-made option where the manufacturer is not based in their country. On the other hand, for custom designed fences, the manufacturer should always be close geographically should there be any problem or need to modify your design. Though it is possible to import and assemble fencing supplies, this would be time consuming and would pose the risk of items running out of stock before completion of your project.


It is important to go for fencing that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. The quality of materials used in fencing dictates the durability of the fence. In this case, it is possible to go for high quality fencing for both ready-made and custom designed fences. Some materials may be cheap but low in quality, necessitating repairs after a short time. Fences add significant value to property, so going for high quality options is suitable, whether it is an off-the-shelf option or a custom design.

While deciding on the best fencing solution for your property, it is important to ensure that it adheres to the fencing regulations in your area. This will save you from having to take down a fence that is non-compliant and any fines associated with breaking of such laws.

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