Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials

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Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials

Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Christine. I grew up in the outback, and for years, the only fences I saw were barbed wire ones. When I moved to the city to go to uni, I was actually surprised to see the multiple types of fences. As I studied architecture, I keep a close eye on fences, wall and barricades – a weird niche my fellow students, no doubt thought. Although I wasn't able to take that focus into my career, I wanted to do something with my lifelong love of fencing and all of the ideas I accumulated over the years. Because of that, I started this blog. It has everything you need to know about playing with the colours, styles and materials of fences.

Is a Chain Link Fence the Right Choice for Your Home?

A chain link or hurricane fence is usually one of the most affordable options when it comes to fencing materials, making it a good choice for large properties and those on a limited budget. However, you might wonder if this type of fence is very durable and secure, and if it offers the privacy you want on your property. Note a few factors to consider and discuss with a fencing contractor so you can determine if a chain link fence is the best choice for your outdoor space.


A chain link or hurricane fence is very durable and should last for many years, but it may eventually sag in the middle of the sections between posts. When this happens, you just need to pull the fence taut and upright, and then tighten the connectors on the posts.

If a section of fence is sagging so much that it cannot be tightened, you can have just that section replaced. The chain links can be cut to remove the sagging area and a new section installed and fastened to the support posts.

The fence also needs to be inspected regularly for rust and corrosion. As with other metal fences, you can typically just sand down rust and then coat the fence with a rust inhibitor to protect it from future damage.


You may assume that a chain link fence doesn't offer much privacy, but note that you can choose a small mesh that helps to block the view of your property. Also, you can choose to have vinyl or wood slats inserted between those links, creating a solid, private fence.

If you're a good gardener, you might also plant climbing vines at the base of the fence and let them grow through the links, becoming thick and lush and blocking the view through the fence. Note, too, that you can usually find chain link fences in a variety of heights for even more privacy around your yard.


If you're worried about security for your property, choose a plastic-coated mesh for the fence, as the plastic will be harder to cut with bolt cutters. A smaller mesh will also mean less of a toehold for anyone to climb the fence. Also, note the top of the mesh panels; those that simply fold over may not provide as much security as those that are cut and then twisted. Those twisted ends become very sharp and dangerous for anyone trying to hold the top of the fence or climb over.