Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials

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Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials

Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Christine. I grew up in the outback, and for years, the only fences I saw were barbed wire ones. When I moved to the city to go to uni, I was actually surprised to see the multiple types of fences. As I studied architecture, I keep a close eye on fences, wall and barricades – a weird niche my fellow students, no doubt thought. Although I wasn't able to take that focus into my career, I wanted to do something with my lifelong love of fencing and all of the ideas I accumulated over the years. Because of that, I started this blog. It has everything you need to know about playing with the colours, styles and materials of fences.

How to Choose the Right Gates and Fences As You Redesign Your Property

If you've just taken the decision to install a pool at home and beautify the rest of your property, you may be thinking about the overall layout, how you're going to segregate each area and how you're going to secure the entire project once it is complete. As you know, there are certain rules relating to domestic pools and you have to be sure that they don't present a risk to others. With all this in mind, you will need to install fences and gates at various parts of the property and understand that these elements will need to not just be functional but blend in with the rest of your design. Where should you start as you draw up your plans?

Bigger Picture

Firstly, decide what type of fence and gating system you're going to install and exactly where you're going to place it. You need to have one installation around the pool and one that goes around the perimeter of your property. It's a good idea to choose the same type of material in complimentary colours and the fence that goes around the perimeter can simply be a larger version of the internal version. 

Why Aluminium Is Best

In a domestic situation like this, most people will choose aluminium.Aluminium gates and fences will be resistant to corrosion, very durable and likely to look great for many years, no matter what type of weather they encounter. Often, these products are specially coated prior to delivery to make sure that they are even more durable than they may have been out of the factory. Aluminium is also less costly than steel, as rising costs have made the latter option less attractive. 

In a residential situation, it's unlikely that you should be overly worried about security, so you can choose aluminium for exterior perimeter protection as well.

Note that if you happen to live near to the coast you need to be concerned about the additional risk of saltwater corrosion. You may need an additional layer of protection in this situation and should ask your supplier to make sure that your gates and fences are fully up to the challenge.

Colour Scheme

You may wonder what colour you should paint your gates and fences and if you want to be neutral, most people would choose black, which tends to blend in with anything. Otherwise, try to match the overall colour scheme of the building, or the prevalent tones of the plants and shrubs that you will introduce.

Making Your Choice

Ask your supplier to provide you with a range of different designs so that you can choose the options that will best complement your finished project.