Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials

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Fun Fence Ideas: Play with Colours, Styles and Materials

Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Christine. I grew up in the outback, and for years, the only fences I saw were barbed wire ones. When I moved to the city to go to uni, I was actually surprised to see the multiple types of fences. As I studied architecture, I keep a close eye on fences, wall and barricades – a weird niche my fellow students, no doubt thought. Although I wasn't able to take that focus into my career, I wanted to do something with my lifelong love of fencing and all of the ideas I accumulated over the years. Because of that, I started this blog. It has everything you need to know about playing with the colours, styles and materials of fences.

Questions to Ask When Renting a Temporary Fence

A temporary fence can be needed for an outdoor event, or for doing any type of construction work, heavy-duty landscaping or maintenance to a building's exterior. Renting a temporary fence can be a bit complicated and confusing, as a temporary barrier is not like a standard home fence that is meant to keep pets and children in the yard. When you are ready to rent a temporary fence, note a few details to keep in mind about these fences and some questions to ask the rental agency, so you know you get the right option for your needs in particular.

Ask about setup and teardown

A temporary fence company should handle all the setup and teardown for you, but it's still good to ask about how this is handled and ensure you know all the details involved. For example, you might want to ask how much time the company would need before an event to set up the fence, especially if the fence itself is quite large. Note if the company will come to your location at a late hour to tear down the fence; this is especially important for a concert, company function or other such events that may run into the evening if you don't want the fence on the property overnight.

If you don't own the location where the fence will be installed, ask what access the fence company will need before your event begins. You may need to coordinate with the venue owner or management to allow the fence company onto the property the day before your event. The venue owner or management may need to coordinate their own staff to accompany the fence installer. Whatever the case, be sure you ask about this so you don't leave this detail to the last minute!

Ask about damage

Note what would be considered damage to a temporary fence. Obviously, if you rent a vinyl or plastic mesh fence and someone cuts through the mesh, this would be considered damage, but even metal fences can be damaged if a fence panel is toppled, or if it gets marked up with paint, food stains and the like. It's good to know about potential damage ahead of time so you can consider added insurance against the fence, or note if you might put another barrier in front of it to protect the fence from paint splatter, food stains and so on.